Welcome to Sharm El Shikh

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 Sharm El Sheikh lies on the western coast of Al Aqaba bay facing Tyran Island.




It's one of the most beautiful resorts all over the world. Sharm El Sheikh is a creation of the Red Sea beauty and the special mountain nature of Sinai. Leading to a wide variety of tourist activities like Scuba diving, watching the wonderful marine life and the world's most amazing coral reefs, enjoying the calm, warm sea water and the glass boat journeys.


In Sharm El Sheikh you can go in a safari across the desert and the fantastic mountain chains, using 4x4 vehicles, beach buggies or even camels. You can also enjoy the charming night in its hotels, casinos, discothèques and cafes or choose between shopping in the old local market and the modern market In Sharm El Sheik

In Sharm El Sheikh you can see the most ancient culture represented by Egyptian people, Egypt's traditional products and arts. So Sharm El Sheikh expresses the spirit of love; after all it's the city of beauty, peace and calmness.